How do people get rid of waste?

Hi Folks

Where and how do people on home dialysis dispose of used products from what ever machine in used? The syringes we have a sharps container. What about the saks etc?
Bob O’Brien

Sharps get sent back to clinic. Everything else gets tossed in the trash, double bagged.


Regular trash pick up plus trips to the trash dump which is close by for us for all the excess boxes. One person I know has an arrangement for local companies to pick up their excess boxes.

Sharps container is taped and put in regular trash.
Empty saks go in recycle.
Boxes are recycled.
Used cartridges, saline bags & dialysate bags w/ residual fluid go in black trash bags in regular trash.

Sharps and lines are picked up by local council clinical waste.In the UK .Some wrapping and boxes are put out for recycling or used for other thing. (lately that included temp hives for mums bees)

All used needles are taken to the clinic when I go in for office visits. Empty boxes are broken down and taken to the dump where there is a recycling areas set up. Saks, cartridges etc., go in the trash.