How do you find nursing homes that offer PD

I live in Florida and my son lives in NJ. I am the care giver for my daughter on PD. I am getting older and my doctor wants me to set up a plan for my daughter should I not be able to take care of her. My dialysis center does not know of any facilities that offer PD services. What do I do.

Your daughter’s PD social worker or Member Services from your health insurance carrier should be able to help you with this.

They have no idea what to do they just tell me to call around to see if anyone can help and I have not found anyone to help. Her United health care overseer has been no help either. That is why I am asking you since her social worker can’t help.

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All dialysis patients who do treatments in a clinic or in their residence (including nursing homes) must be patients of a dialysis clinic. Each dialysis clinic completes a form (CMS 3427) when a new clinic it is seeking certification to open or when it is being surveyed for compliance with the regulations for recertification. That form asks if the dialysis clinic supports patients on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis in nursing homes. Since you’re in FL, call the Agency for Health Care Administration of Florida - Division of Managed Care and Health Quality toll free at (888) 419-3456 or (850) 412-4500. This is the number for complaints, but ask if you can speak to the manager for the ESRD surveyors. He/she should be able help you.

Assuming your daughter is unable to do her own dialysis independently, if she had to move to another state, you can find the contact information for the State Survey Agency in any state on the Medicare website at by choosing your state and ESRD State Survey Agency in the drop-down menus.