How is your program paid for?

How many hrs and days per week do you dialyze and how is it paid for? Are you using a new dialyzer every tx?

I dialyse my husband 6 nights a week for 7.5 or 8 hrs.
Medicare and his secondary insurance pays for 3 times a week and our center picks up the other 3 nights.
We pay nothing other than for medications.

Which machine is your husband on? Does he get a new dialyzer each tx? Can you explain how your unit affords picking up the other 3 nights?

100% free of charge, including installation. No need for any private insurance at all. As I posted somewhere else, the only extra costs I’m responsible for are my water and electricity bills. All medications administered during dialysis are also provided free (Venofer, Eprex).

You can read about Medicare payment for home dialysis in the U.S. at

I have read how Medicare is set up for home programs, but was wondering what home patients experience in their specific programs.

Here in Australia we are encouraged to do Home Dialysis where possible because it is more cost effective for the state govts. to pay for this than pay for people to dialyise in Public Hospitals.
Everyone is covered for machines and disposables (no reused dialysers in Oz ) and whether you are home or in centre you pay for any meds ( only a couple of $s for those on pensions, more if you still work like me)
The only extra cost for home is for water and power( these are at reduced rates ) and any room modifications. I use a Fresenius 4008B.
I have Private health insurance ( everyone has Public provided for them) but the only time I have needed it lately was to get the top Vascular surgeon in my area to do my fistula in a Private Hospital without any wait or excess fees to pay. If I had have had no Private Insurance it would have taken a lot longer.