How long and how many days a week do you do dialysis on NxSt

Gus thanks for the respone.

I had another question, I found out today I may have to move to another dialization method.
I wanted to know how long most people dialize on NxStage and how many days a week I would probably have to go on.

Bruce K
Partime Home dialysis Nov. 2005
Kidney transplant 78’ 95’

Hi Bruce,

your weclomed, that’s what we’re here for! :smiley:

To answer your question, I dialyze 6 days a week for 2.5 hours or more…the minimum for me is 2.5 but the more you stay on the better…so sometimes I do 3.5 hours…

Gus, how much dialysate do you use??


On a daily basis only 15 liters…on days I dialyze extra time…20liters

How many liters does each NxStage bag hold?

5liters or 5000 mililiters