How long do you keep your sites taped?

When I first started dialysis a few years ago, I was told to keep my needles sites taped up afterwards for 4 hours. So, that’s pretty much what I did. Now that I’m doing daily hemo, I really don’t want to spend most of the morning setting up and on dialysis, and then have tape on my arm most of the afternoon, 6 days a week. So far, I’ve found that I can take the gauze and tape off after a couple of hours without any problem. Even just an hour seems to be enough. I just use a 2x2 and paper tape.

How do others handle this?


I use Band-Aides after getting the initial bleeding to stop wth 4x4s. I go to bed after treatment usually…I take the band aides off in the morning.

I was told two hours.

Thanks. This is the kind of simple question that professionals have varying answers for.

I use the same thing you do Pierre, guaze and paper tape. I leave it on for two hours and never had a problem.
John L

I’ve taken off in less than an hour and kept on overnite with no difference, no problems. Have used both gauze and paper tape, sureseals or bandaids. Found certain brand bandaids can be irritating. When using gauze should use sterile gauze.