How long have you been doing home dialysis?

Hello all -

I am doing research on home hemodialysis, and I have created a brief survey regarding your experiences with home HD. I kindly request those that have performed home dialysis to complete the survey by clicking on the link below. If you would like to receive the survey results there is an optional place to include you email address.

Many thanks in advance of your participation!!

For what purpose? What is your connection to the provision of dialysis?

oops sorry - that previous post asking you your motives was from me, snuck a look at HDC at work

Hi Bill - Thanks for your interest, and I am a subscriber to your blog and really appreciate your posts on home HD.

I am currently doing research on a paper that looks into what factors drive dialysis patients onto the different modalities. This has been interesting especially when looking across various counties with New Zealand having nearly 16% on HHD, Mexico with approximately 65% on PD, and in the U.S. only 1%-2% on HDD and 8% on PD. I wanted to come on this forum as I thought it would be a great source of information from first hand users of home dialysis that could share their actual experiences.

I would really appreciate it if people could take 2 minutes to complete the survey and please let me know if you have further questions.

Are you a student or are you writing this paper on behalf of a company?

Glad to meet a reader but DSEN Subscriber isn’t really an affiliation. Is this report writing for work, school or pleasure? After fifteen years interacting online I am wary of people working in the equity field mining discussion boards for data. I’m sure you understand the need for transparency and clarity.

Bill – I work for a boutique research firm in Minneapolis where my research is distributed and read by college universities, government agencies, health care organizations, public and private companies, and the overall general public (i.e. individuals). In that sense this research is for work, but given it’s an area of great interest it is as much intellectual pleasure as anything else.

I will be at the NxStageUsers conference in New Orleans and if you will be attending I welcome the opportunity to meet and further discuss my research if you like.

It would be great if you could post the results of the survey on this forum. thx

We generally require that folks ask us permission in advance before they try to recruit anyone for research, but since this was a survey, I thought I’d see what happened. I’d be interested to know what kind of response you get, but would be surprised if it’s more than a handful.