How many patients are on NxStage?

Once again I’m agreeing with Marty. On the Dialysis_Supporrt list there were reports from people in NKC’ program, on home hemo in the '80s with a Cobe II, who were allowed to borrow the Redy machine. Mike Matson rafted the Snake River and dialyzed with a generator along the river in the early '80s. Barney Levinspiel traveled frequently to Japan on business and was able to “check out” a Redy.

BTW a Redy machine was a portable system that was available in the '80s but because it did not give enough dialysis dose it was good to use only for short periods.

When I switched from the B Braun with a helper to the Aksys solo it took two weeks of training - mostly getting confident pulling my needles. I think I could learn a new machine in a week. The hard part is getting the needles in and out, the machine is the easy part.