How many patients are on NxStage?

Does anyone know how many patients are at home on NxStage? I’ve heard WellBound has trained alot but not everyone has stuck with the therapy. Anyone know why?

Is the NxStage now officially aproved by the FDA for chronic dialysis?

Yes it is.

I’m 24, ESRD since I was 12, have been on NxStage via a catheter since the second week of November, and home with the machine since December 1st.

Hi Kristina,

Welcome to Home Dialysis Central, and thanks for posting your experience. If you’ve had ESRD for 12 years, you’ve probably done some other forms of treatment. If you don’t mind, could you tell us what those were and how home hemo with the NxStage machine compares?


I am NxStage and prolly about 8 other people I know are but that 's an interesting question…

Now you say WellBound has trained alot and not everyone has stuck with the therapy…please explain, where did you get your rumors at? Is it merely hearsay?

I am interested too in how many are with nstage. but more so, interested in where you are. I know Gus is in Modesto and others in the northeast Jersey/New York. anyone in the south??

Yes, your right…I’m from Modesto…here’s again a nice welcome from the big little sunshine town…from the hearts of California!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are currently 69 patients on the NxStage and new programs are expected to pop up.

Rather interesting that NxStage has such numbers so fast when it has taken Aksys quite a while to get to 100.

Who are you and where did you get your statistics? Why should we believe you? Please provide legit sources to support your claim… :lol:

Are there any programs or plans for programs that will make the NxStage available for vacation use to people using a different machine at home? For instance for daily home nocturnal patients. I know that in the '80s the Redy machine was available for travel use in some home hemo programs.

I’m not sure how someone who was not trained on the NxStage could use one for travel.

However, I was wondering if anyone knew whether NxStage was looking at the possibility of shipping a machine and supplies to a vacation destination for a customer, maybe shipping costs at the customer’s expense. Since they ship machines for replacements when needing service, it seems this might allow a NxStage consumer to travel more places.

I want desperately to switch to NxStage to get away from the water systems which take so much work. Right now my unit is fighting me as I am a self-dialysis patient, meaning I don’t have a partner. I am very bothered by this, and remain unconvinced that a partner is necessary and any more than fractionally more safe. I have searched and searched for proof of problems with home dialysis with or without a partner and can find no instances.

The NxStage website says:
NxStage does not believe patients should treat themselves alone. Self-care therapies should be administered with the help of a trained partner.

I’m with Cathy. Having dialyzed with a helper and alone I can’t think of a rational bases for NxStage’s position. Really someone to call 911 is the only safety net a person needs. I think adults should be allowed to make this decision for themselves.


Gus, you are so funny, but I will admit great minds think alike if you get my drift!!

With regard to shipping the supplies, I’ve been told that actually taking the machine by plane is difficult, I would definitely put it in the car for vacation within driving range, but got to thinking about cruises or plane trips, that since they are already so set up to ship the machines at a drop of a hat, what a great incentive to switch to NxStage, TRAVEL made easy!!!

In regard to Marty’s comment about NxStage’s numbers vs Aksys–maybe it’s because NxStage makes it easy to travel.

I really think it could be possible for centers to have the NxStage available for travel. I was told by our training nurse that she probably could train me on the Aksys in a week because I already know most of what to do as far as asceptic procedure, connecting patient etc. I would think if they think they can train an already trained person on another machine in a week on the AKsys that it should be feasible on the NxStage. Can’t see where there would be any money loss they are going to get paid for the dialysis treatment that training week whether you are training or at home.