How Medicine Should Be Practiced

This seems like a very reasonable way to deal with health care costs. No rationing, no hurry up and wait visits, everyone is happy. :slight_smile:

Membership $49.00 per month and office visit is $10.00.

What makes our practice stand out?

路 Cost transparency (know what your costs will be, up front)

路 On-time, non-rushed appointments

路 Email and phone calls directly with your physician

路 Online appointment scheduling

路 Same-day appointments

路 Round-the-clock availability

路 A true medical home to care for your entire family

路 We communicate with your specialists directly to facilitate
coordination of care.

鈥淭o heal our patients, we first have to heal our profession.鈥

Patients being treated with respect, not like criminals, what a novel idea. Assembly line care is unacceptable. A true free market approach is what is needed, not the crony capitalism of Kent Thiry and crew. Do not give me the garbage that we have to accept the trash that is being thrown at us. We deserve first class medical care like everyone else receives鈥 It is time we tell these arrogant jerks a few things that they do not want to hear鈥 If you want more of KT, keep doing what you are doing and you will always get what you had before, arrogance, hypocrisy, tyrants, and general over all jerks.