How to select and keep the home hemo nurse happy

Some home programs have gone through one nurse after another. The nurses don’t last long before quitting as I’m guessing they are overworked. I understand there is a lot of paper work dealing with home programs and when it comes to smaller programs, I get the impression that the home nurses have been worked on the floor, too, and it becomes much too much for them. Such home nurses grow little in their home training skills/knowledge and patients in these programs are very much shortchanged in their care. Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated?

This article from 2006 Establishing a Successful Home Dialysis Program gives some tips that might be worthwhile sharing with dialysis clinics that have or are considering starting a home dialysis program:

Interesting article, and thanks for posting. Our trust has just re employed the same home dialysis nurse after a gap of a year or so. I can’t see 2 nurses being employed for home heamo, and one of the reasons he quit in the first place was that he had 3 jobs effectivly, nursing, home heamo and teaching.