How to stop the PD machine to pump solution from an empty bag

I use a 6-liter bag and 3-liter bag each night and need only 8-liter. I have 4 cyles. The 3 liter solution is pumped into the 6 liter bag during the first two cycles. However, the Baxter PD machine continues to pump solution from the empty 3-liter bag until the starting of the fourth cycle. When I wake up, I can hit “stop” to stop the pumping. I wonder there are any other tricks to “teach” the machine to stop the pumping when there is no solution in the bag? If I use two 6-liter bags, it is not a problem, but I need to throw away 4-liter of solution each night. Thanks. --Jie

Hi Jie,
I’m trying to figure out why my browser didn’t alert me to your post. I don’t know how the machine can be set to stop doing this–but your PD training nurse should. Have you asked him or her?

I am not sure you can control this. The Baxter sequence seems to be to pump everything into the main (first) bag until the cycle fill is over then dump it out to the waste line. If you have a day fill (and have set this to be a different type of solution) then the machine will try to dump everything it has as a purge before moving that last bags content into the mains bag. If you have setup the program so that this final solution is “the same” it will skip the purge step and just move it across. Regardless, it seems to be a bit mindless try and pump the solution to over even once the job is done, as it if was trying to maintain some sort of pressure once done.