Hypersensivity Reactions

Have you ever had them before? If so, what caused it and what did you do about it?

More information about it here

I’ve heard of people who are allergic to reuse and I think I’ve heard of people who need some kind of special dialyzer due to allergic reactions, but don’t know personally.

Did you experience this?? I sure hope not. Wonder if you did if a different manufacturer you might not be allergic to, ie the fresenius or the askys.

Hi, Cathy S,
I was just wondering if you sorted this out. I know it was along time ago, but I wanted to ask you if you had your dialyser changed? or sorted out the problem?

At our centres we have been told that the dialysers are sterilized in different ways, some with chemicals, some with gas. Those that have allergy can be related to the dialysers that are sterilized with chemicals. Con was getting bad headaches on every dialysis, they changed his dialysers to one that is sterilized with gas, and it is fine now. :slight_smile: Others have had itching etc, changed over and been fine.
you can find out how it is sterilized by reading it on the packaging.

regards Queenie.

I’m one of those who proved very sensitive to the dialyzer. We tried different things, but I eventually ended up on one sterilized by electon beam. I also have to use betadine to disinfect my needle sites. I’m allergic to the swabs.

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I’m not sensitive, it was Gus that was writing about that. I haven’t had any allergic reactions to the dialyzer.

:oops: …ya it was me, it all solved now…am having having vewwy vewwy confortable treatments now… :smiley: