I can't believe how hard it is to get a NxStage in So. Cal

I live in SoCal and NO one at my center ever even heard of the NxStage. The closest Davita to me that offers it is 300+ miles away. The Kaiser not to far from me just started a program but there is a waiting list, and I still need my kaiser Neph to refer me to the nephs who run the program, and she and I arn’t on the best of terms. I usually just see my Davita Neph and not her (kaiser neph).

Damn it GUS and your posts, you have me on a mission to get on this machine by my Birthday which is August.

Everyone I have spoke to at other Davitas that offer it (Too far from me) say they love it and that it’s one hell of a machine.

“Still hating dialysis, I just want to hate it from home” :twisted:

Another update, I got a email last night from the So. Cal. NxStage rep and he left me his cell number. Well I replied and I told him my situation (Long email, sorry Alvin) And I left him my Cell and home numbers and what do you know, he called me this morning and introduced himself and told me what the So. Cal. situation was and how UCLA Davita will be starting their NxStage program soon (couple of months) and he would forward my information to the right person over at UCLA Davita.

Thank you Alvin for taking the time to speak with me and for trying to get in touch with me in the first place. It is people like you that are going to Revolutionize this terrible disease, and make life better for us patients. It really impressed me that you took the time to call and took an active roll in my situation.

Alvin gave me permission to give his contact numbers out so if anyone else out there in Southern California wants more info about the NxStage email me at admin@ihatedialysis.com and I will forward his information to you.

Everything is moving so fast. I now have to decide should I wait for “UCLA Davita” or go with “Kaiser” I could probally get on Kaisers NxStage program sooner but I would loose my Neph that I have been with for almost 13 years. As long as I meet my goal which is being at home before my birthday which is August I will be happy.

I forgot to mention I got a call yesturday from Kaiser and was told my Kaiser Neph sent a referral to Kaiser Los Angeles for me to be added to the NxStage waiting list.

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BTW “Gus” Alvin (NxStage Rep) mentioned you. Your name came up, all good don’t worry.

"…BTW “Gus” Alvin (NxStage Rep) mentioned you. Your name came up, all good don’t worry. "

"No kidding!!! …dang, I already feel famous…har har har… "

You should because you are, and they ought to be paying you commission :lol: