I don't know if I can ask here

but I’m looking for a place to buy those Medipore Pads (3-1/2x4) # 3566 for my mom. She gets some from the dialysis center but she goes through them too fast. I’ve searched the internet and was hoping I could find them cheaper than a dollar a pad. Any advice would be appreciated.

p.s. if this post doesn’t belong here, please delete it…thanks

Hi Kim,

This is a perfectly legitimate post–you’re looking for something to make your mom’s life with PD work more smoothly. I hope someone can help you find a source for these. I wonder, maybe if you describe exactly what they’re for and how they work, perhaps someone knows of another brand that might be cheaper?

thanks Dori. They are made by 3M and she uses them to secure all her catheters. They don’t seem to irritate her skin as much as the tape did so that’s why she uses them. I bought her a stickman belt which she’s getting used to, but sometimes she prefers the dressing.

here is a link to what they are since I can’t post a picture:

If you go to: www.3m.com & type in the search area mediport pads, it will pull alot of information on them - including purchasing information.

I also prefer the 3-M medipore tape for my PD cath and have had trouble finding it reasonably priced. I have found that the ‘continentostomystore’ on the net carries the medipore cheaper than the medical supply houses in town. They are also very prompt in their shipments and I usually have them in about 3 days. They carry the 3 1/2X4 medipore pads for 20.11/box. I usually order the 4inch rolls of the medipore tape for myself and use the 2x2’s that I get from Baxter. I have found the medipore tape to be kinder on my skin than any other tape on the market. Keep looking on the net for other medical supply stores to find the lowest price and good luck. Any time I see a 3-M sales person, I comment on the high prices they put on their medical supplys. They make good products and then price them out of reach for the general consumer. A couple of times, I have been able to get samples from the sales reps, which has been very nice. Ginger

Thank you Ginger for the information! I bookmarked the site and will show it to my mom.

I’m looking for a place to buy those Medipore Pads (3 1/2 - 8 in) # 3570 for my mom. I need to know of a store that sells this product around my area. My zip code is 90062 thank you.

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Have you checked with your local pharmacy or any medical equipment company that sells supplies should be able to get this for you. Ask prices first. Another resource is Google. Type in Medipore 3.5 x 8.

Hi…I’ve been using a similar product that is VERY gentle to the skin ( I have extremely sensitive skin - paper tape breaks my skin and it takes weeks to heal). It is easy to find and not very expensive. It was recommended to me by a fellow PD’r and my PD clinic drools over it.

It is called MEFIX and you can buy it in 1", 2" and wider rolls. I like the 1" as it minimizes the amount used. 2" is good if she wants to cover a dressing gauze and secure to the skin.

I found the cheapest online by using google and then using the NEXTAG.com service. Good luck