I may be joining the PD club


How is it going? I hope you have been able to find the best solution for YOU.

I recently met a wonderful person who, despite facing a life threatening disease, decided to live life every day. When she found out that she had kidney failure and had to cope with Peritoneal Dialysis for 5 years, she did everything in her power to continue with her life, which included taking part in motorcycle races, re-building cars, building houses, this women is just amazing.

Keep up the wonderful work Sheila, and thank you for all that you have done to inspire others living with the same condition. She recently wrote about her experiences. This will act as inspiration to many (no, all) of us.



I’m done training and I finished my last hemo treatment last night. I’ve been given one final day off, then I start my CAPD tomorrow. My PET test is supposed to be done in two or three months, then I will hopefully be able to use the cycler. As I’ve gone through my training, I’ve come to like PD even more, and I’m excited that I don’t have to deal with needles or blood anymore.

Hi there

I am so glad for you, I hope AND PRAY that it will all go well for you.

BELIEVE IN GOD and it will.

Please keep me posted.


Well, now that I’ve been doing CAPD for a while, I’m not missing hemo at all! We removed my NxStage from my bedroom today, and I’m glad to have the space again. An IV pole takes up much less space than a hemo machine. My last month on hemo, I would always do my treatments late, sometimes not getting on the machine until 10:00pm. I would put off dialysis for as long as I could because I didn’t want to deal with my troublesome access, and I would go through the day thinking “Uggh, I hope I don’t bleed too much” or “I hope I can get these needles in without infiltrating”. I’m so relieved to be free of blood, and the only needles are my blood sugar tests, and my once weekly sub-q EPO shot (that I’ve always done myself). I’m looking forward to the cycler, but I’m not in any huge hurry to get it because I don’t mind doing manuals (I’m doing my last exchange of the day right now is I type this).

[QUOTE=Linzie123;16210]Hi there

I am so glad for you, I hope AND PRAY that it will all go well for you.

BELIEVE IN GOD and it will.

Please keep me posted.

Thanks for the support. My faith is the biggest thing that has helped me deal with ESRD. Though my body may fail me, my LORD never will.


I am Özlem from Turkey. My mom will soon start home dialysis. Her doctor told her to get rid of our dog, due to “sterile” reasons.

But our doggy is trained not to enter bathrooms, kitchen and my moms room. After after his outside walks I do wipe his feet clean:)

Is it really unevitable to give up our dog?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Regards, Özlem

Do a search for “pets” in these message boards (the search field is in the blue bar above the “reply” bar). You’ll find that LOTS of people who do home dialysis of various types–PD and HD–keep their pets. This dog sounds very well behaved. Of course it would have to stay out of the room when your mom connects or disconnects, and the room should be clean of any flying fur, but others make it work and your mom likely can, too.

Thank you great deal for your answer. I highly appreciate that:):slight_smile: