I need help!

Hi; I just hang up the phone with one of my good friends, she has Lupus, but she’s been in treatment for years and everything was fine, she just told me that she was told by her Doctors that she needs Dialysis, and also a Kidney transplant, and she’s not doind good, she lost a lot of weight and she’s very weak. She is only 31, has a 9 year old son and her husband, but here’s the problem, they live in Florida and they are from Colombia, that means they don’t have papers, im looking to see if there’s any place there in Florida or in Ohio, Columbus, thats where i live, i need to know if there’s any place where she can go for it staying with her family, and not had to go to New York for it, and be away from her family, i just dont know anything about all this i just need help for my friend because when you dont have papers is very difficult finding a place that can help you!! PLESE if any information contact me