If You Take Cholesterol Medicine..... This is an Eye Opener

Former Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine: Jerome Kassirer
Distinguished Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
Visiting Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

My primary care physician had Dr. Kassirer in Medical School, he said he was an outstanding Nephrologist.

Hi Mark,

I couldn’t watch the whole video (it’s 37 minutes long). Dr. Kassirer makes some good points about conflicts of interest in medicine. His observations were supported in a recent study that found that even very small “gifts” like pens influenced doctors’ prescribing behavior–even though they didn’t realize it. Of course, that’s exactly what pharmaceutical companies want!

But I suspect that getting conflicts out of medicine is about as likely as getting lobbyists out of Washington. :wink: Medicine is so complex that it’s impossible for any one person to get a handle on all of it. That means it can be difficult for us to even educate ourselves about one small aspect of health–but trying may be our best bet.