Updated, and Dori?

I updated my site FINALLY since I have been on it for 3 months now check out the NEWS & UPDATES section:

I even mentioned as the place that convinced me to convert. :smiley:

Also Dori, I would like to add a banner to the links section: I would need it to be 720x72 to align properly with the others, check it out.

Hey, beeing an admin to your own websites its too easy to make those banners… :roll: I made my own banner exclusivley to fit my site…it too easy!

Yes Gus, you are correct and I have designed numerous banners in my time, but usually it is polite to ask the admin of the site before you just take it upon yourself and do so. It is just proper netiquette. :roll:

Hi Epoman. I’ve emailed our web manager and asked him to help you with a banner. We appreciate the link, thanks! :smiley:

HI Epoman,
Loved you site. We will be starting Nxstage on Oct 30 with the water purification. We can not wait! Hubby is a big guy at 120 K.
We will be using 60 L a night so we will have to make water every day.
I don’t care. We have had 4 machine(Fresieus) brakedowns in the last month. Talk about frustration. It always seemed to happen on Friday night. So we had to wait til Monday to get service. Only once we needed a back up treatment at the center.
I will be documenting everything on this message board so other large people will know that they can do nocturnal on Nxstage using the water system.

Hi Pat, I would love to document your story on and give the details on how you do Nocturnal with NxStage, It would be great if you took pictures of your home set up as well, and I can host those as well. Also It would be great if you could document your story on the home dialysis section of let me know.

  • Epoman

Absolutely, that would be another BIG step to help spread the word about home dialysis. Try getting pictures, short home made videos, and we’ll all do our best to present your story on our blog sites. :slight_smile: First of all, I’d suggest you to present your story, media, and whatever you want to say here on this board…this place is the #1 place to stop for your home dialysis resources and I think most of you agree. Because of Home Dialysis Central we have been able to communicate and share our home dialysis exepriences. Anyway, good luck to you on NxStage and hope it turns out as expected.

Epoman and Gus,
I will do my darnest to give you all the info I can. I will have my daughter take some pictures and upload them to my computer. Then I will ask you “guys” just how to get them to you. I do not have a video camera but I will try to see if anyone I know has one to take some video.
We are supposed to be in the December issue of Nephrology News through Eva Duran of and then a story and pix of us on
I will keep you all posted.
This is really exciting! I was also told by our CEO Rubin they they may ask us to represent them at some seminars in the future. I said Yes, Yes,
Yes!!! Hubby usually does what I want. He is very mild mannered and agrees with me. Since I am the talker and he is the quiet one. He ususally tells them at the hospital or dr. off when they ask him about things- He says talk to my NURSE she keeps me alive and kicking!

Pat, you’re also very welcome to post your pictures here!

Oops, hate to re-post after myself, but Epoman has some terrific photos at:

Thank you. I will give them to whoever, just to get the word out.
I will be talking to the Nursing students at the college I work at so they know that this is an other field they should look at.
I talke to the teacher last week and she had no idea what was going on in the “outside” world of dialysis. So I will be enlightening her as well.
Can you tell I have a BIG mouth.

Thanks Dori, wait till you see the videos I am producing. :slight_smile:

Ok Dori, check out:

Now maybe I can get my link in your links section? Hopefully since we do have a home dialysis section and since it is home dialysis related.?

Ok Dori, check out:

Now maybe I can get my link in your links section? Hopefully since we do have a home dialysis section and since it is home dialysis related.?[/quote]

So I guess that is a no? :cry:

Did you know that these two links are dead in your links section:

You could put my links there. :smiley:

Epoman, I’m on the road all this week and just haven’t had a chance to communicate with my web manager. So, the answer is, I need to check. Thanks for pointing out the dead links–iKidney is gone and we should definitely delete it. I’ll have to look at the other one when I get a chance.