Immune System & PD

Hi all,

I’m still considering home PD.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in 1996. There is no cure for the CLL. What I’ve done sucessfully is kept it in check with periodic treatments [some limited chemo]. In 10/06 I suffered ESRD and have been in-center HD since. I want to switch to home dialysis in the fall.

I really don’t gets cold or anything going around. So, I believe my immune system is Ok but somewhat comprimised.

Are there dialysis patients currently doing home PD with comprised immune systems? If so, what has your experience with infections been? Has PD been a good choice for you?

Lee Evert
Age 65 [male]
CLLl '96
ESRD 10/06

Lee, I’m not a person on dialysis. But in terms of protecting your immune system, you are FAR better off doing ANY home treatment (PD or HD) than doing in-center hemo. For one thing, the treatments themselves get your blood cleaner, so there is less stress on your body.

Perhaps more importantly, like hospitals, dialysis clinics are very “dirty” in terms of germs, even if they look clean and sparkling. There’s just no way around the fact that any place that gathers lots of ill people together will have more germs than you’d be exposed to in your own home (assuming that your home meets reasonable cleanliness standards.) Your body is used to your germs, but not to those carried by others.