In Center Hemodialysis Question

Dear Beth,

I was a frequent poster on the PD board on behalf of my dad, a dialysis patient, in 2008-early 2009. PD stopped working effectively for him last January and he was placed on in-center HD. Does this site provide answers for patients such as my dad or exclusively for at home dialysist patients?


Eileen Farrow

This site is for those on or interested in home dialysis treatments and those who care for them. Medical Education Institute also administers the Life Options website ( which has message boards for others to ask questions about kidney disease and treatment. Please feel free to post questions or comments there.

Thanks, Beth. Just thought I’d make sure before I posted any questions.

More active boards for those who want to post questions to in-center patients is the yahoo group dialysis-support. And for those patients who want to go into home txs, go to

Hi Jane,
When you’re reading or posting to those other message boards, you might want to remind people of the Home Dialysis Central message boards too. I assume that the NxStage users group if primarily for those who are using or considering using NxStage equipment. There are 4 other home treatment options in addition to daily hemodialysis that people can ask questions about or post comments on the Home Dialysis Central message boards.