In-Center Nocturnal Programs

Does anyone know of any In-Center nocturnal programs that are not part of Davita.

Hi Jlane. Actually, I wasn’t aware that DaVita had in-center nocturnal. From what I’m told, Fresenius has somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 centers that offer in-center nocturnal, so you could try them. We’re working on including them in our database, but don’t have all of the information yet.

I know of a Fresenius unit in Lorton, VA that is starting up. If you let me know your area I’ll check it out for you.

[QUOTE=Anonymous;9923]Does anyone know of any In-Center nocturnal programs that are not part of Davita.[/QUOTE] I can’t answer that question for you but I can say this EVERY clinic should be able to offer ALL options to patients… not just what’s good for the " Companies" Go figure in the 60’s 40% of people on dialysis in the US were on home hemodialysis… Nocturnal is the cadillac of ALL forms of dialysis and is making a comeback… the word about the benifits of nocturnal has to be spread throught-out the dialysis community. To many new patients coming into the system are PUSHED into making uninformed choices. Now that diabetese has been classified as epedemic I see kidney disease as next. Nocturnal is the future and if you are lucky eneough to be able to do it … good ! Richard C/O Jessie

This is a thread for PD (not HD). Dori or I probably should have addressed this sooner. So far as nocturnal dialysis, many U.S. clinics offer CCPD which is done at night while sleeping (like nocturnal HD). If I’m reading the USRDS Annual Data Report correctly, there may be a few patients that are doing in-center PD, but not many.

If you’re writing about nocturnal HD, I’d suggest you should post your message(s) on the HD message boards or your message may not be found and read by those interested in HD. I suspect you’d get responses there.