In reply to your questions Dr Agr

hi Dr Agar,

  1. I have found it extremely helpful. I often log in to see what your’re speaking about.The fluid explanation is brilliant, so simple, no nonsence explanation. It allows people to understand and make choices on their fluid management.It alievates a lot of guilt for patients, knowing it isn’t a lack of self control, it is their survival instinct of thirst that makes the fluid restriction so difficult. In an enviroment where patients are regularly lectured at, having that information empowers patients. Biggest problem in healthcare as I see it is power tripping. Knowledge is empowering to patients, and although some healthcae professionals don’t realise that, it is a better type of 'patient '(person) to work with. Mutual respect is the key to happier patients and health care providers.
    And thats just one question and answer…well I know you answered it a few times!!

  2. I hope it continues. Even if it was done with some other willing participant on a rotational basis. I’m sure it is time consuming and maybe that would be fairer to your valued participation and time.

3.hmmmm need to think about this one.

I will finish my answers and post them, over next few days.
Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Thanks, Sineadee …

Your comments are most encouraging.

At a site like this, one does wonder who reads, and, if they read - why they read and, finally, if the reading helps.

To know that the information is used is reassuring.

However, it is Dori and her team that need to be congratulated and encouraged for offering the opportunity in the first place. I, too, hope the site can continue to grow and become even more effective.

It is to this aim (growth and effectiveness) that I seek input from you, the readers, of this site:

… asking you to ‘brainstorm’ ways by which to spread the power of education and information that you rightly say, Sineadee, empowers and informs you, to a wider audience … especially your ‘cousins’, the non-home patients, who are currently locked within facility care …

It is for ‘ideas’ about that question … and its’ solution …that I was (and still am) hoping for suggestions from you, the readers, of this Q&A exercise.

John Agar