Increased heparin for nocturnal txs

At Prof. Agar’s last webinar he said it has not been found that increased doses of heparin for nocturnal txs has caused a problem. Wondering if anyone knows anymore about this, because it seems that doubling ones dose plus some when one goes from short txs to long is a lot of heparin.

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Hi Jane

I start with a 4ccof heparin shot right into blunt tube. Then heparin pump runs 1.3 cc an hr… I turn pump off with 20 min. to 1/2 hr to end. can’t think of any issues with heparin use. At least none that I can point to right to heparin…

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Bob O’Brien

I can fully agree with that. All of you on Nocturnal and using heparin…what kind of complications will you all have after 5+ years using heparin constantly in your blood every night? Scary to think about it…