My husband will have to go on dialysis sometomes in the future ( we hope a very distant one) but…
We went for an info session about home dialisys, the hospital supports Home PD ( including nocturnal) and home day time hemo ( 4 times a week). They do not support nocturnal daily hemo.

We are in Toronto, Canada.

We do not know yet what we will select, and will be grateful for as much info as possible. Also somebody knows if NX hemo home machines are vailable in Canada?


This is another vote for PD; although I do PD nocturnally on a cycler. (You will have to learn the manual exchanges first - in case of an emergency when there is no electricity, then you can still do your exchanges). As Stephen said previously, PD is much easier on your heart. I too was previously on hemodialysis for about 6 months. I was so worn out by the end of my treatments, I couldn’t even drive myself home. I live an hour away from the nearest clinic, which meant 3 times per week an hour to the clinic, 3-5 hours connected to the machine, then another hour home, which meant I always had to ask someone to help out. I’ve always been a very independent person, but hemodialysis took that from me.

I’ve been doing PD now for 8 months, and I have my independence back!! When I come home from work, I set up my machine then go about my normal evening things. When I’m ready to, I connect to my machine, which does a drain first, then it will fill with fluid. I can then disconnect * if I choose & do whatever I want for 2 hours, then I reconnect & (*you may not have to disconnect-I have a 23 foot cord that allows me to move around while connected) the process just repeats itself throughout the night. In the morning, I disconnect and go about my regular day. I work full time, have two grandchildren, and do just about anything I feel up to doing.

The key to any type of dialysis is EDUCATION & ATTITUDE!! The key to PD is CLEANLINESS; but Read/learn all you can (the kidney school is a good place to start: and put yourself in a good frame of mind. Don’t think of this as something you have to do…think of it as a second chance! There are many people out there far worse off than we are!! Good luck & keep in touch. CJ

Dear all,

First and foremost thank to all of you that took the time to respond to my cry for help.

We will follow your suggestions and will try to learn as much as possible about our options. It is so good to feel your care in all your posting.

My husband have diabetis ( it was on sulpha but after kidney function decreased was put on another medication that did not work , was feeling very bad, and now is on insulin twice daily , sugar is relatively Ok,) also he has high BP, bad circulation.

We will try to look at all options and I will bother all of you more.

Again thanks a lot