Innovative papers in home dialysis

In your innovative papers section, wondering why you don’t print entire articles?

When journals publish papers, they hold the copyright for that paper. Anytime people want to reprint articles for other than their own use, they must request permission from the publisher. We have done this for those papers that we have published in full on Home Dialysis Central. However, if you’re referring to the papers on outcomes and costs under the section of the Home Dialysis Central website called “Research Briefs,” there are way too many papers to do this with more being published every month. If there is a medical library nearby, you can find out what you need to do to get a copy of the article. If not, you can request the full paper from PubMed using their Loansome Doc service ( You could contact them about any charges involved.

If a journal has articles that interest you, you might consider subscribing. For instance, Nephrology News & Issues, one the sponsors of Home Dialysis Central, has many articles that I think should interest patients. NN&I offers a reduced subscription rate for patients. You can visit their website at