Inspirational caravanning in Oz

Today I met a wonderful couple nearly 70 years of age that spend at least 3 to 4 months of each year travelling up and down the East Coast of Oz. What is special about this couple is the husband dialyses on a Fresenius 4008B IN this little caravan . (We are not talking about a BIG American RV type van here!) There is barely room to swing a cat but it works very well. They stay in Van parks on the way to the Gold Coast and then in the backyard at their families place. They don’t have a big carbon filter, somehow the other filters (1 and 5) have been modified and they just connect to the water system wherever they are. They ring their Unit in Victoria if they have any problems and a technician near where they are staying will help or if it is really serious he is given a place in the nearest Unit. But they have not had major problems and LOVE their time on the road escaping the Victorian winter.
Once they get back home the technician comes out and helps move everything back into their house. No dramas!
He has been on and off dialysis for nearly 30 years and is still going strong! What an inspiration! :smiley:

I think they were mentioned when I came to your local meeting weren’t they?
They probably have a combo-carbon filter in the 5 mic. container - I have 2 in a ‘goodies’ box at home (don’t you Beachy?), to use in case of emergency. Fortunately not had to think about them yet…

Sounds interesting, but I have nothing for any emergency really ):

Bear, can you “please explain” what you have in that emergency goody box in more detail? :?

This adapted filters thing sounds fascinating to me.
DOes anyone have any more info??
Please explain :slight_smile:

Well it’s not really a specific box…I keep a couple of the boxes they send the “odds’n’sods” stuff in. So in one there are these 2 different filters that I …er…‘purloined’ from the unit when I saw them there :slight_smile: plus a spare diasafe filter and a handful of ‘normal’ filters. IN another small box I have the extra Heparin thingies( I just got a new lot a week back & found they no longer come in little glass phials. Maybe the iron will go that way too - I’m frequently shattering them & getting tiny glass sherds in my fingers ). Then I keep a couple of pots within reach that have bits from packs I’ve had to break into, so Heparin, Lignocaine, draw-up needles, gauze…all the usual stuff.
NO, I’m not really organised enough to have a ‘proper’ emergency box or anything like that :roll:

Well it’s just a carbon combo thingy that will replace one of the 1 or 5 micron…I’d guess you replace the 5?..if you have a ‘break-thru’ on your big carbon tanks and need to do a run before you can contact the unit to get the carbons replaced/checked. SO it looks black instead of white. SO I guess these travellers use them as ‘standard’ in one of the pots, so they can run without the burden of the big carbon tanks.

Will find out more from the vanners next Tuesday when I see them at meeting. Cheers