Interested in starting a home hemodialysis training company

I am interested in starting a home hemodialysis training company in the Detroit area, is this a feasible project? Are there companies in this area that offer this service, I have worked in Hemodialysis for over 15 years and most of the companies that I have been affiliated with do not offer this option to patients. Can you offer any advice?

You might check with WellBound and see if they’re expanding out of CA. You can read about them at You’d need to work with a nephrologist. Some issues you’d need to think about is who will follow the patient after you train him/her? If you train the patient and someone else follows the patient, you’d probably lose money. Medicare only pays $20 plus the composite rate for each training day. I’ve heard that it takes months (or even years) to make up the cost of providing a machine, supplies, setting up the home for dialysis, and offering home hemo training. However, once the patient is home, the cost of care is reportedly lower than in-center hemo.