IP Insulin

I manage a small PD program and currently have a diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugars. Can anyone give me some information on IP Insulin? Are there advantages to this for controlling blood sugars? How does this work for someone on the cylcer? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

There’s a chapter on “Intraperitoneal insulin in diabetic patients on PD” in Nissensen & Fine’s textbook, Dialysis Therapy, pp. 429-433. It is written by Diaz-Buxo and Crawford, and they have extensive experience with CCPD. They also recommend a procedure for the transition to IP insulin and discuss advantages and disadvantages of IP vs SQ insulin.

Here’s another article that describes IP insulin.

Could you by chance give a little more info on this, for some reason I cannot access the article info you suggested. I’d really appreciate it, Thanks Ms. Beth…

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  Google search for

peritoneal dialysis 2004 guide of medication use

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