Irritation with buttonholes

In a previous post I recall Pierre said it is normal for buttonhole sites to look red. Does anyone know why this is and does anyone experience any irritation of the buttoholes or adjacent area from using them daily?

Well I certainly did, Heather. There was redness right at the site simply because buttonholes used daily or nightly never really heal. They don’t have enough time between treatments. And I had some kind of sensitivity which caused a little red rash around each buttonhole. I used betadine for disinfection instead of the alcohol and hex swabs because they thought at first this might be the problem, but we also suspect sensitivity to the epoxy glue which holds the metal needle into the plastic casing. Another patient here had a documented case of just this happening.

If you only have one set of buttonholes some of you will experience redness around them…your constantly using those same buttonholes everyday!

However, by having an extra set of buttonholes then the redness is minimized greatly! Just like have 2 sets…all I do is rotate back and forth…

Well I couldn;t establish 2 sets, Gus. They just healed over & needed sharps each time to get going again. As you know, I’ve had enough trouble cannulating, with just the one set!! :? “Touch wood” tho, it’s been good now for about 5 weeks!! :smiley:
I get the redness for a mm or so around each, but no irritation there - just up’n’down that part of the arm, I think from taping (I have to use Ukiban, as I’m allergic to the ordinary white stuff. NO real probs tho. 8)

I personally don’t believe in having two sets of buttonholes. It doubles the possibility of potential problems down the road, and to me, it seems to negate the primary advantage of buttonholes, namely preserving the fistula as long and as much as possible for future use. If you’re short of usable real estate on your fistula, a second set can only aggravate that situation.

Some dialysis patients also experience irritation/redness caused by the “Sterigel” itself…their skin is so sensitive that some tapes and the alcohol gel causes redness…

Anyway, 2 sets have worked beautifully for me. It may work for some of you but I don’t guarantee that it will. On the contrary it doesn’t hurt to try. I know some of you don’t have that option but you try your best for the better…

Just on the topic of allergy, I find the ‘plastic style’ tape brings me out in a rash, the paper tape does not. Also use Saline or Betadine (iodine) to clean the 'pink ’ cleansing solution gives me a rash. My unit currently doesn’t HAVE betadine, apparantly it’s not effective enough ???! Rubbish if you ask me!

What medical products exactly does everyone use to prepare their accesses for tx.? I have heard a number of different ways it is done. Would be good to review.

Also, what products do you use between txs to moisturize/soften your access?