Is anyone using extraneal?

My fiancee is doing great on 3x a day manual exchanges, but we are going to be traveling and a longer dwell time would make life much easier. His doctor has never prescribed extraneal and the only thing he seems to know about it is that it is expensive. Has anyone had any experience with it? Does it require a second exchange as well as the extraneal exchange, or is one exchange a day possible? Advice would be much appreciated.

My company Premier Dialysis exclusively uses extraneal for our QLPD program. 99%of our patients do a once a day exchange with extraneal.

Depending on how long you are going on your trip, our mantra is always quality of life first and foremost it’s less invasive/less expensive than three exchanges a day. The excessive cost is just propaganda from the big providers because frequently it’s used as a last fill when the dextrose treatments have ruined the patients membrane. In the case of Fresenius, they make their own products but do not make extraneal (Baxter). Request it for your trip!

A couple days of extraneal treatments shouldn’t tip the scales and cause any issues.

What’s his urine output daily?

What is his average BUN monthly?

Thanks so much for the info. My fiancee, David Goldstein, will reach out to you for an appointment. I think mthis is exactly what we were hoping to discover. Rhona