Is NxStage Going Nocturnal?

Have read reports that now that NxStage is FDA approved it will be available nocturnally. If this is true, how soon and does this mean it will no longer use sterile solution bags and will switch to water system like other machines?

It’s true, that option was offered to me to use it nocturnally but my preference is short-daily…with sterile lactate based dialysate…however, you’d be using more than 15liters(3 bags)…

There is a new addon module for dialysate creation, but I don’t have any specific information on the design they have. Once they publish it I will reveal that info here and provide pics at my site…

Whooo HOOOOO! I hear that NxStage does not have the same clearances as the Fresenius machines…does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I am on the phone with a NxStage Rep right now!!!


There are several threads about NxStage, Aksys, and Fresenius machines. One that includes posts from patients talking about the machines as well as posts by someone posting as NephNurse who expressed this concern and Dr. Alan Hull who is a nephrologist, past president of the National Kidney Foundation, and medical advisor to NxStage who countered it. See

I don’t know if these posts will answer your question well enough, but it’s worth a try reading them and the messages that patients have posted about these machines on the message boards. In case you haven’t tried it, you can use the search function (above) and the company to find any messages with either NxStage or Fresenius in them.