Is PD possible for patient with aneurism stent in abdomen?

My husband is currently on home hemo but I am investigating PD for him. However, he has a stent for an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Would PD be possible for him?

This is an interesting question. The risk for a patient with a stent, regardless of where the stent is placed, is infection. With hemodialysis, the risk of sepsis, that is infection in the blood stream, presents a considerable risk for the vascular stent to become infected. With peritoneal dialysis, the risk of peritonitis does not directly expose the stent to infection as peritonitis is rarely associated with sepsis. The fact that the stent is in a vessel inside the abdomen is really not the issue, as any vascular stent or valve ( as in the heart) is within the blood stream. An abdominal aortic stent is not within the peritoneal space but is intravascular.

This is certainly helpful information. I appreciate your response and I reiterate that I am glad I found this website. I have read all the literature I could get my hands on and have quizzed doctors repeatedly, but I have learned as much in just two sessions of this forum. Our support group in Houston fell apart, so I shall recommend this site to every dialysis patient I know.