Is potassium stored in fat?

I am on a low carb diet and have been losing weight is there anyway that the fat breakdown could be causing this?(see previous post)

I think the less you weigh the less potassium you can eat. I think its 1mmol per kg that you weigh. I am not 100% sure though, as I havent been on the renal diet for a while now.

In the U.S. conventional hemodialysis patients typically must limit their potassium intake to 2 grams (2000 milligrams) per day. There could be some variation based on your lab values and the type of dialysis that you do. Your doctor or dietitian can advise you about what diet limits you need to follow. Following your potassium limit is very important because too much potassium can affect how your heart beats and even stop your heart. You might want to visit to read the nutrition module.

I was put on 90mmol (3510mg) per day. At the time I was about 97kg. Sometimes I would eat nowhere near this and still get a high potassium :shock: Now Im on nocturnal it is alot more stable.

Do you still find you have to watch your potassium or can you eat quite a bit?

Potassium is water soluble; that is why we are able to leach a fair amount out of foods, and too why we should boil vegetables with a high content. Too, this is why the less one urinates the less potassium is lost from body. Lin.

I eat whatever I want, but I dont go overboard. I eat bananas and chocolate and tomato and coffee and all that. I just be sensible about it. I dont go and eat 10 bananas in one hit for example. Before I couldnt eat more than 2 slices of tomato, never touched bananas or much fruit in general. And if I had chocolate I would have a few squares in a day, or I would share a chocolate bar with my other half.
But you are pretty free. You can enjoy anything you want, just keep up to date with what your blood levels are doing, and relate that to what you are eating. You want to try keep your potassium under 5.

That reminds me Lin. A tip for cooking vegetables I got from the dietition. Cut up veges, remove skin, soak in cold water for an hour, throw out water, replace with fresh water, and boil. Discard cooking water. This does not mean you can pig out on potato or whatever, but its a good way to reduce some of the potassium in your veges. Its best to boil the bum out of the veges, but its not always appetising.