Is there any financial assistance for unpaid family care partnersof a Home Hemo patient

Is there any financial assistance for unpaid family care partners for a Home Hemo patient? My spouse is on home hemo and I am the unpaid care partner.

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Using Google I found this organization that lists resources for financial help for people who are providing care for those who qualify.

Thank you! I appreciate that. It is really hard finding these resources in my state to assist the spouse with financial assistance. I am unable to work a regular job due everything that comes with it.

It’s hard to give up one income, much less two. Is your spouse who is on dialysis able to do any of the things that you’re currently doing for him/her? Some dialysis clinics train competent and capable patients to even do home HD alone. Those of us who have worked with home dialysis patients (HD and PD) and their care partners encourage clinics to train the care partner to be only an extra pair of hands to get things the patient needs and to handle emergencies. Sadly, some clinics train care partners like they would a patient care technician who needs to do everything related to dialysis as if for in-center dialysis, plus recording data, ordering and stocking supplies, etc. I’d suggest you check out these worksheets where patients and care partners divide up and negotiate tasks. Doing that helps to prevent patients from feeling like a burden and care partners from feeling overwhelmed and burning out.

Thanks that is very true! Thanks for the resources!