Is this aloud through the fiscular...?

Thank you. I need a bit of advice. Please…
My mums been going to diyalesis for about 6 months now and lost a vast amount of wait very quick indeed. She got her help b jab and she was constantly in pain with this.
She slowley got worse and it was taking in the reagent of 15 20 min to eat a buttie.
I got her up for diyalesis after her being in bed most of the day.
My daughter then went to help her get ready and then said she wanted to go the hospital at which point we phoned for an ambulance and while on the phone she had a seizure we were on the phone for 40 min at which we were sent a st John’s ambulance and even doe I explained whT was happening and her condition and she has diyalesis when they turned up they put a canuler in her arm and tried adrenalin then the paramedics came and they continued giving her adrenalin and using the pads to jump her before this they put the ph9 w down on my daughter and we rang g them back. So she waited 50 min for an ambulance to then use her fiscular arm

Tony, I am so sorry that your mum had such a rough time. Unfortunately, it is outside the scope of these message boards to answer questions about someone’s personal medical course. In the U.S., people on dialysis who call ambulances do run into people who don’t know what a fistula is or how it should be treated. I’m sure this happens elsewhere as well. :frowning: I hope she is okay?

Sorry to hear this.

A lot of patients in the UK have a wristband that states Fistula in Right/Left Arm, NO BP, NO NEEDLES.
Or the dialysis unit may have them to hand out.

Or sometimes a Medic Alert bracelet or Necklace which emergency services SHOULD notice.
I’d make a comment to St Johns if possible to at least say they need EDUCATION .

Kidney Care UK can offer support and advice in some cases

Wishing you well