Ive just had a transplant and a Q about the Stent

Hi ive only posted here a couple of times. And ive been on dialasis for 4 years but 3 weeks ago i got the call at 5:50AM saying that be in the hospital for 8:00AM as there is a transplant waiting. But i didnt get the opperation done at about 20:00. It was a sucess as well they said it took 100% str8t away and worked well.

Just one question mainly to the men but women can anser too. In another 3 to 4 weeks time i have to go in and get the Stent out and i say mainly men because im a male and want to know what its like. For them who have had it out does it hurt and or is it the same feeling as a cathyter coming out or not as bad. Im woried about it even though the docs say its only 2 to 3 minute job. But handling down there a 2 to 3 minute jobe feeles like 30 minute job hehe.

Hey, Skipper, congratulations on the successful transplant! Just in case you don’t get answers about what to expect from stent removal (I’m not sure how many folks with transplants check in here), I went through my email files and found you a description:

“It may be a whole different thing for a woman vs a man for stent removal. What I didn’t like (and never do) is not knowing what I am in for. Had the doctor said, “Ok - first you are going to feel the water I am going to pump in you. Then I will go after the stent. It will be uncomfortable for about 20 secs and then you will feel fine,” I would have been much happier. So… my advice is to ask what to expect. Dealing with the know is so much easier.”

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Skipper
Fantastic news about the transplant. You have waited patiently for all these years & to have it (the kidney) working so well is wonderful. I hope you continue to go from strength to strength.
Sorry I know nothing about the stent!
Cheers, Aussie Angie.

Hi. Ive Just come back from the weekly visit from the hospital. And they say everything is fine. When i first went in with kidney problems the hospital did blood test and scans etc of my kidney and found out that i only had one to begen with and that was only working 5% as it should be. Now ive had the transplant the new kidney is working 58% and raising each visit i go. But i do have some good news for my self is that i asked the doc today when will the stent be coming out and he said i can wait until i have the CAPD tube removed and do it both together. I was so glad he said hehe.

Also I keep forgetting to ask at the hospital will the new kidney make my old kidney work again or doesnt it work like that?.


No, your new kidney can’t make the old one work again. But it’s great that you can get the stent out at the same time that you get your PD catheter out (a two-fer!), and it sounds like the new transplant is working great. :slight_smile: