Kambo use for CKD patient


I am a new member and found the forum as I was seeking for information regarding Kidney disease and massage, which took me to this very useful reply by Dr Agar, back in 2012.

I am myself a keen complementary therapist and always in the look out for new (for me) techniques to achieve better health and wellbeing. And there are 1000s, aren’t they!

Recently I came across a Kambo ceremony practitioner. This is a profound detox procedure that uses a frog secretion topically. From what I have read it is a powerful liver cleanse, among many other things, and does not seem to have contraindications for kidneys problems (like with CKD, no dialysis), but thought I would seek for advice with a specialist to double check.

While there is a standard dose that it is used generally, there are ways to macro-dose to see results in particular/uncommon situations, hence efficacy would depend on that as well. But how would the kidney respond overall? I would very much appreciate candid opinions, please.

Many thanks,


Sorry, but I don’t respond to these sort of questions about fringe stuff. Good luck with your quest - but count me out.