Kayaking with the PD catheter

Kayaking with a PD catheter.
I saw a post that Helen made regarding kayaking so I joined this forum to share and discover information. I had a PD catheter surgery about a month ago and I am in the third week of training. I am an avid paddler during the warmer season. So I’m looking for information to safely continue the sport I love. The Northwest kidney centers in Seattle is working with me at coming up with solutions to be safe. So far discussions that sounds the best. Is a low cost colostomy bag with a synthetic catheter belt and a low cost semi dry top. The average cost of the colostomy bag is about $1.44. And light weight warm season dry top runs about $150-$250. From what I’ve discovered from my research a semi dry top will keep you pretty dry unless you’re submerged for a while and then it will allow some water in. I have not put the solution into practice at this point but I’m moving forward with this information to be ready to do that for the warm season. Any additional information would be gratefully appreciated.

I used what is called a Bioclusive 8" x10" transparent dressing for swimming and showering. It worked well as long as I didn’t get too sweaty.