Kent Thiry "It Is Not About The Patients." Video

In his own words, Kent Thiry admits, right out of his mouth, that is “Not About The Patients.”

Here is the evidence at 1:09:35, listen to the question and Mr. Thiry’s response.

I rest my case.

Thank you, for telling me what I already know and have learned over the five years at DaVita.
Yes, it is all about you and your millions, along with bonus money, fancy corporate lunches, and swanky vacations. Never mind the fact, that you are not giving dialysis patients enough treatment to have a decent life or that your stock price is much higher than many other major corporations, at the share neighborhood price of $112.00 per share. We will not go into the fact that with Nocturnal dialysis and fistulas, the average dialysis patient would only be in the hospital an average of 2 days per year. I wonder if it is because if a dialysis patient goes to a hospital that has a dialysis unit run by DaVita that they can charge outrageous fees???

The current stock price for DaVita is $111.37 per share:
The current stock price for Fresenius is $57.66 per share: