Kidney disease (CKD/ADPKD) & lymphatic drainage massage

Hello, I am a massage therapist, and I am studying specifically as a lymphatic drainage massage therapist . A topic of interest to me is lymphatic drainage massage and kidney disease. I currently have polycystic kidney disease myself I am 40 years old and I currently have a GFR of 21%. I recently had lymphatic drainage massage done on myself and I felt wonderful from it. While I had an increased output of urine my energy was increased as well as my sleep felt more wholesome and deeper. My question is what are your thoughts on lymphatic drainage and kidney patients. I have a former instructor who was on dialysis and in between being dialysed he would go for lymphatic drainage massage. This practice was beneficial for him as result from LDM were shown in nearly double the amount of fluid coming off of his kidneys from being dialyzed. As lymphedema is problematic for kidney patients do you feel that lymphatic drainage massage can be beneficial to patients suffering with lymphedema. Also, in your opinion what would specific contraindications to lymphatic drainage massage before the kidney patient, does the creatinine levels come into play? You will have to please excuse some of my dumb questions as I said I am new to this and learning and trying to gain more information as I study this intriguing form of Bodywork. Thank you for your time.

I discussed this here some years ago. Type ‘massage’ into the search function and it should come up. I dont have much more to add.