Kidney Patients Should Avoid Starfruit

Star fruit is a decorative and refreshing treat and, for most of us, a healthy delicacy. But for some people with impaired kidney function, the star fruit (also known as carambola) can be deadly…READ MORE ABOUT IT

Good lord! I had no idea about this! I ate a super-small slice of a starfruit about 5 years ago because I had never tried one before. It’s a good thing I didn’t care for the taste and decided not to eat anymore! I didn’t know ANY food consumed in small quantity could actually be DEADLY to a dialysis patient!

Starfruit is a pretty shape when you slice it, so it looks nice in a salad, but it doesn’t really HAVE much taste–just sort of crisp, generic citrus. And it’s pricey! Better to look at it and not eat it if you have kidney disease; you’re not really missing anything.

Wow I din’t know this, thank you. I don’t think my dad eats it, he has no appitite yet. Good to know!