Kidney transplant

my mom is in pd for 1.3yrs and doing quite well .she is 45yrs old non alcoholic,non smoker, non mom’s dad is 75yrs old and is suffering from memory lost(parl), he used to be diabetic but isn’t now else he doesn’t have any other physical problems.he is admitted in hospital in ICU for last 1 month.if he desire to donate his kidney to mom is it possible or not what do u think at this age can he donate his kidney?.what is the success rate? would be waiting for ur reply


Age, physical health, psychologial status, and whether your grandfather is a good match for your mother are all factors that are considered in the evaluation of a potential donor for kidney transplant. One thing to consider is that as people age, it is common for their kidney function to be reduced. Therefore a kidney from someone who is younger is likely to work better than a kidney from an older person.

The transplant facility would have to decide if your grandfather’s physical status (in ICU for a month, controlled diabetes), mental status (memory loss that could cloud his ability to consent to donation), and his age would would allow him to be a donor. Transplant programs can evaluate anyone who offers to donate if your mother is healthy enough to be considered as a candidate for a kidney transplant.

Living donors can be family members, friends, or even people that don’t know the donor. Perhaps there is someone else that knows your mother who might be willing to be considered as a potential donor.