Kidney Transplantation

This past saturday night, i received a call from the transplant center. they had a kidney available that matched me, however i was 3rd priority, not second or first. fortunately, one of the 1st two patients were successful with the tissue matching, and they received the kidney. would anyone be able to tell me how many patients are offered a kidney at one time? and about how often can i expect to receive these kidney offers as 2nd priority…3rd priority, ect.? and has anyone else experienced this? …(FYI…i’m bloodtype A and have been on the organ transplant waiting list for a little over 3 years now.)

Hi Mairis,

I have heard of this happening a number of times before. A kidney can only survive for a short window of time once it has been removed from a donor. In case a potential recipient (or two) have an illness that would disqualify them from transplant at that time–anything from a cold to cancer–centers call more than one person in. If you are being called, it means that you’re close. You may get another “false alarm” or two before you get a kidney. This is normal.