Kidney Transplants-Private Profits-Socialized Losses

One of the main reasons that I am for the selling of kidneys for transplants, is that it would eliminate the shortage of kidneys. Think of it this way, private profits and socialized losses. In other words, in the bank bailout of 2007-2008, taxpayers bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with private banks. Yet, those institutions are allowed to keep their profits while the taxpayer picks up the loss. In a kidney transplant, hospitals will examine your wallet before giving you or anyone else, a transplant. This enables the hospital to make a big profit and keep that profit. However, who is paying for the loss of the kidney, the taxpayer or Medicare. In other words, as in the banking situation, it is private profit and socialized loss.

I am curious, why is the hospital allowed to profit, while the donor is not? Does the hospital know about the needs or situation of the donor, I seriously doubt it. Does anyone believe with almost 100,000 individuals needing a kidney on a list, that this policy is doing a good job of meeting the needs of the individuals on the kidney transplant list??? Actually, you have less than a 30% percent chance of receiving a kidney transplant from the list. In other words, just a fortunate few are receiving transplants from that list, is that any better than rich people receiving transplants because they have money? Clearly, this transplant policy is not working, only a fortunate few are receiving transplants. The same people that complain about the fortunate few rich people receiving transplants are silent when only a fortunate few on the transplant list receive their transplants.

I hear people talking about “greed.” When you work at a job, do you insist on being paid? Do you work for free without monetary compensation? If you insist being paid any monetary amount, you are “greedy.” Do you think Hitler rewarded virtue? Do you think the Soviet Communist Party rewarded virtue? The Soviet Communist Party shopped at special stores, while the majority of people waited hours in line for basic food items. In kidney transplants, it is not any different. The hospital and the fortunate few who receive kidney transplants are shopping at the special store, while the vast majority of kidney patients are suffering and waiting with inadequate dialysis treatments, suffering from raging thirst, malnutrition, and feeling washed out and hopeless. They have to listen loud and moralizing lectures from individuals who have been catered to at the special store. The individuals who have been catered to a the special store insist that they as a third party know what is best for them, not allowing them to make their own decisions. The catered people would never, ever allow third parties to make life altering decisions for them or their freedoms. As long as they have their freedom and they are not living the way that they demand of masses, what do they care?

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are being scammed.