KidneySchool (aka Dori) on KidneyTalk

Dori is on Kidneytalk.

Now we’ll all read your posts in the proper voice.

I was kinda relieved not to sound like one of Alvin’s chipmunks! But do check out Kidney School at The last module on long-term complications will go “live” next week, and we’re updating ALL of the modules and will be developing a CD-ROM and a print version.

I thought you did great - conveyed a lot of information for the format.

Keep it up Dori, CD-ROM sounds excellent!

Gus, I was afraid we’d lost you to Second Life! Nice to have you back posting. :slight_smile:

Maybe this Gus is just the Avatar of Second Life Gus.

Dori, I knew Alvin and the Chipmunks, and you’re no chipmunk!

However, through all of the jokes and banter, which is part and parcel of Kidneytlk, you did an admirable job of getting useful information across. KIdney School is a site all people should be familiar with, whether they have kidney disease or not. It’s an important location for those seeking education on a most least understood subject. You guys have done a terrific job in setting it up.

Dori…looking forward to seeing this new CD-Rom…it will no doubt make a good gift…actually I’ve a list…foremost a minister of health here in the province of Ontario who is clueless when asked about kidney disease or dialysis…

Richard C/O Jessie