Knee pain

Does anyone experience knee pain?

I do, but only when doing long walks. Its more common with kidney transplants for the reason of side-effects of medication or problems with parathyroid glands where calcium is not getting to bones…other reasons is arthritis…

Do you get this pain? Is the knee swelled up?

Recently started getting knee pain when going up and down stairs. Then, the knees began feeling sore off and on. Does not hurt at all when lying down, sitting or walking. Only when going from a lying down/sitting to standing position or when climbing stairs. Had knees x-rayed by orthopedic doc. X-ray did not show any problem with bone. He checked range of motion and that was good as well.

Am not sure but I had similiar problems with hands, it all started on left on on fingers, hurted when making a fist, they did x-rays but nothing showed. It just got worse through time.

After 2 years it was discovered that amyloids was building up…

Am not saying its actually amyloids you have, it could be anything, but what I do know is that beeing on dialysis many changes to the body takes place and some of those changes include complaints like you just stated.

For example, I can’t stand long periods myself…knees start hurting, and my low back starts hurting. Beeing on dialysis for many years is a good reason why I feel like this.

I hope it doesn’t get any worser for you…maybe its just minor temp thing…

All the patients in my unit have bone problems. My neph said this is typical. As I said, I have more studying to do as I still don’t understand this subject well enough. Our neph is the fast type. So, we try to take in what he says, but feel we must research on our own to fully put things together. Thanks, we hope this is temporary, too. But we are looking at everything we can.

How did you figure out that your hand problem was due to amyloids? Also have stiffness off and on when bending fingers. Have wondered about trying glucosimine condroitin sp?. Neph said go ahead, but there is no difinitive info. on this at this time.

The only experience I have with pain which I believe to be dialysis-related…

After a couple of years on conventional hemo, maybe a year and a half, I started having what seemed like carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands when typing on the computer like I’m doing now. I run an online support group, so I did and continue to do a lot of typing on the keyboard. At times, it was so painful I had to stop typing and give it up for that day.

I can’t prove that switching to daily hemo is what did it, but I can say with all honesty that I have never had the problem again since I switched to daily nocturnal. It might not be related to this at all, but unless it’s a miracle, this is the only change I can think of that might have resolved it.

I offer no guarantees about this :slight_smile: