What type of lamp do you use in your tx? We desire to find a lamp that puts out a good range of light in order to be able to see well for the self-sticking and hooking up needles.

Do you place your lamp up high so it shines directly on your access allowing you to clearly see what you are doing?

There is an electrical line with dimmer switch one can connect to a lamp so that even if the lamp is not close enough to reach, it can be turned on and off from the switch.

Do most of you use a magnifying glass to see buttonholes or is that not really necessary?

Currently I use a small flashlight, but once I have a little extra cash I want to buy something better…perhaps like this

Not on home haemo, but I will probably use a clamp spotlight such as this:

Purchased from IKEA, we already have several in the house, I acutally have one lighting the computer & keboards as I type!

Good choice there, that’s more economical than a medical lamp…perhaps I may change my mind and get something like that instead…

They also usually come with a choice of bulbs, so you can have bright, economy etc… We have a bright for each computer, & economy’s in one of the bedrooms & the upper landing.

Thanks for the tips! Sure will try that out… :smiley:

I just have a reasonably bright ceiling light, it could be a bit brighter but it doesnt really bother me, I can see well enough.

I have once of those classic brass’n’green glass desk lamps, perched on the Fresenius. It used to be on our computer desk, but got moved into dx central a while back. The bare ceiling bulb is the light I need for cannulating, but then it goes off - either my wife comes in to do it, or if I think she’s fallen asleep on the sofa, I get up & do it & just let the beast alarm when my movement drops the arterial pressure :slight_smile:
SO the switch for the desk lamp hangs down the side/front of A.R.T.H.U.R & is at a good height to turn off when I’m ready to sleep, or back on to check the beast or if there are alarms.