Leaking fluid through skin

Has anyone had experience of a patient leaking fluid through skin from all over the body? Not classic hyperhidrosis as this is from abdomen, back, chest, as well as upper and lower legs. Large amounts of fluid being lost (up to 0.5L per heavy attack judging by weight lost after an attack or after several hours of constant light loss) so much so that the patient’s clothing is wet or at least damp and skin either beads with fluid or at the least feels clammy. It is causing problems on HD as the blood is then very thick and pressures rise quickly- giving saline during the session only has a very short lived impact and pressures are soon back up. The patient often weighs less before dialysis compared with the weight coming off on the previous day, despite having drunk upwards of 2 litres plus per day (patient is small approx 43kgs). Anyone have any ideas how to stop the flow or had an experience of this in the past? Not only is it causing problems on dialysis but also is very unpleasant and distressing for the patient. Many thanks.