Leg cramps/drain pain

I have been doing dialysis for about two months, one of which is at night on the Baxter Home Choice Pro Cycler.

I am having sever leg cramps during the night. This along with having to sit up during the drain cycles due to pain is very discouraging at this point in my cycler dialysis.

I’ve repositioned the cycler and now it is at the same level as the bed surface.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Dav,

Since other folks on PD haven’t chimed in yet with answers for you, you might post your question for our expert PD nurse, Judith Bernardini. You can do that here: http://forums.homedialysis.org/forumdisplay.php/18-Judith-Bernardini-PD-Nurse. Have you asked your own PD nurse? What did s/he say about your leg cramps?