Leg cramps

I have a pt who is having leg cramps at night, usually about the 3rd exchange in. He is on the cycler for 8 hours. He doesn’t seem to be taking off too much. His K levels are good. It always seems to happen about the same time. Any thoughts?

Cramping is usually the result of removal of fluid from the vascular space. Some patients are more sensitive than others. He may want to try using more 1.5% bags to minimize ultrafiltration. You didn’t mention if the pt. is taking anything for the leg cramps. The usual oral meds are Quinine or vitamin E at bedtime prior to dialysis. He may want to try drinking some fluids too.

He does use Quinine; helps sometimes, but not always. I haven’t heard of Vitamin E though, maybe I will tell him to try it. Thanks.

Are you sure his dry weight is correct? Is it possible that he’s gained “real” weight?